The world is less peaceful today than at any time in the last decade. In 2019, there were 54 active conflicts around the world.

The human and economic cost of warfare is appalling. There are some 70 million refugees and internally displaced persons who have been driven from their homes by warfare. Their migration has affected the political stability of many nations. The economic cost of armed conflict is in the trillions of dollars

War not only causes unimaginable human suffering, but also has a direct impact upon the prosperity of us all and causes significant damage to the environment in which we live.

A New Approach to Working for Peace

A note from Milt Lauenstein:

We can do it!

We can reduce the amount of warfare in the world! We have done it many times in many places. The 101 success stories summarized by Elliot Short prove that we can do it. 


But we still have to better. The terrible human and economic cost of armed conflict has been increasing in recent years. All of the work of many dedicated people has not been enough to reverse the trend.


The total amount of money spent to reduce political violence is a tiny fraction of the cost of warfare. It would be nice if we could raise more. But even the funds available would be enough to accomplish much more if they were allocated to be more cost-effective.


For much of the work being done to promote peace, there is little or no hard evidence that they could be expected to get results. Plenty of data based on successful experience exists, widely scattered among the various organizations that have done the work. What is needed is to gather that evidence, analyze it, organize it, and make it easily available to funders and practitioners as a basis for allocating their resources. If we had evidence to enable us to focus our money and effort on activities that have been proven to be effective, our work would reduce the amount of warfare in the world.


The balance of this website elaborates on these thoughts and reports on action being taken to bring them into reality.

Four main ways to improve actions to reduce warfare:


  1. Base resource allocation on evidence

  2. Shift resources from peacebuilding to peacemaking

  3. Rely more on local personnel to resolve local conflicts

  4. Learn how to establish peace systems

  5. Collaborate to establish common strategies/plans and to implement them


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