A New Approach to Working for Peace

The Problem

There are many reasons that efforts to promote peace has not been more effective. A practical way to measure results of  the work has not yet been devised. Peace workers tend to work independently, without a coordinating strategy. Little attention is paid to variances in the cost-effectiveness of different approaches. 

The Solution

The proposed solution is based on what has succeeded in other fields. It is to develop extensive evidence about what does and does not work to stop or to prevent armed conflict, and to make it easily available to funders and practitioners so as to serve as a guide as to how best to allocate their resources. When they focus on action that has been proven to be effective, dramatically improved results can be expected. ​The proposed solution is embodied in the Better Evidence Project (BEP) at George Mason University, established early in 2020. Its mission is to fill the need for reliable information about what actions in what kinds of situations actually reduce political violence.


The cost of warfare is so great that progress is urgently needed! We cannot afford to wait for generations to learn how to reduce armed conflict. If they had more evidence about what works, peacekeepers and peacemakers could do more to reduce warfare now!



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