Better Evidence Project

Collaborators in BEP's First Planning Meeting in February, 2020

Much peacebuilding work is done with little or no hard evidence that it should be expected to be cost-effective.  As a result, the efforts of the peacebuilding community have not succeeded in stemming the trend toward increasing armed conflict. To develop evidence that will be useful to donors and practitioners in deciding where and how to allocate their resources for best results, the Better Evidence Project (BEP) was established at George Mason University (GMU) in 2020. It will encourage and support research to develop such evidence.


The Better Evidence Project is a collaborative undertaking. In an initial meeting of a group of over 35 leaders in the field, priorities for research projects were established, according to which projects are now being implemented.  Working groups of collaborators have been established to recommend additional projects. Larger meetings are planned to facilitate collaboration and to solicit suggestions about how the Project can contribute more to the activities of the peacebuilding community.

More information on it is available at the Better Evidence Project website

and our newsletter BEP Newsletter Autumn 2020 

The BEP Leadership Group

Dr. Kristina Hook

Executive Director

Dr. Susan H. Allen    Principal Investigator

Milt Lauenstein    Advisory Board

Alpaslan Özerdem Chair of the Advisory Board